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Restaurant Mikizushi

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Tour Introduction

Introducing Miki Sushi and the Hinode area.

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    Shiosawayamahoko Temple

    Rokuya Daibutsu is a Buddha statue erected on the Shiosawayamahoko Temple grounds. It is a bronze seated Buddha statue.
    Recently built in April 2018, the statue is 12 meters tall and the total height is 18 meters, making it even larger than the Kamakura Buddha.
    While taking in the nature on the approach to visit the temple, you can see the facial expression change based on the viewing angle.

    • Temple visiting hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
    • Admission fee: ¥300 for adults (junior high and older)
      ¥100 for children (elementary school)
    • Parking lot access: free

    Shiosawayamahoko Temple

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  • Hinode Summer Festival

    Hinode Summer Festival

    During the Hinode Summer Festival, there is a fireworks display at the end of July every year in Hinode.
    About 1,500 to 2,000 fireworks are launched with accompanying music, and they light up the summer night sky.
    You can enjoy the Bon Odori, Mikoshi, and food stands at the main summer event in Hinode.
    The fireworks can also be seen from Miki Sushi.

    Hinode Summer Festival (Festival Day)

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  • Hirai River

    Hirai River

    In springtime, you can view the cherry blossoms of young trees.
    With excellent water quality, you can see fireflies and take part in exciting ayu fishing at the locally beloved Hirai River.

  • Mt. Hinode

    Mt. Hinode

    The Mt. Hinode Hiking Course is divided into the new road course and the old road course. The new road takes about 3 hours to walk, and the old road takes about 2.5 hours.
    The view from the mountaintop is a highlight, and it overlooks the city center and the Kanto Plain. If the weather is clear, the Sky Tree is also visible.

    Mt. Hinode Hiking Course

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  • Tsurutsuru Onsen

    Tsurutsuru Onsen

    Enjoy the hot springs that are known for skin beautification.
    The parking lot has 150 spaces (free to use), and it is also accessible by bus.
    The standard Hinode routine is to wash up and relax at the Tsurutsuru Onsen straight after descending the mountain.

  • JR East Japan, Itsukaichi Line Musashi-hikida Station

    JR East Japan, Itsukaichi Line
    "Musashi-hikida Station"

    When you arrive at the station, there is a bus stop called "Musashi-hikida Station Entrance."

    • kiruno City Community Bus "Runo Bus"
      To Musashi Itsukaichi Station/Akigawa Station
    • Hinode Community Bus "Gururi~n Hinode"
      Akiru Medical Center Line (morning route)/Hinode Mitsuzawa Tsurutsuru Onsen Line (afternoon route)
      *This is a private bus for Hinode residents, and non-residents are not permitted to board. The fare is free, but you will need a private transport pass or official certificate confirming that you are a resident to board.

    In addition, there is an "Akiru Medical Center" stop for the West Tokyo Bus on the north side of the station.

    • Bus 22: Fussa Station - Kusabana - Sedooka - Akikawa Station - Aeon Mall Hinode - Akiru Medical Center - Hinode Orikaeshijo
    • Bus 23: Fussa Station - Kusabana - Sedooka - Akikawa Station - Aeon Mall Hinode - Akiru Medical Center

    Musashi-hikida Station,
    Itsukaichi Line Timetable (Jorudan)

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  • Barbecuing


    Barbecuing is a favorite summer activity in the area.
    There are plenty of sites near the Hikida Bridge where you can enjoy barbecuing, including the "Riverside Park Ichinotani."

    Official Akiruno City
    Barbecue Sites

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  • AEON Mall Hinode

    Needless to say, this mall-style shopping center is full of amusements, such as AEON, specialty stores, and movie theaters. It has been bustling with visitors each day since it opened in 2007.

    AEON Mall Hinode Official Homepage

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  • Tokyo Summer Land

    Contrary to its name, Tokyo Summer Land is an entertainment spot based in Akurino that can be enjoyed regardless of the season, both in the summer and the winter.
    Well known around the country, there are many attractions such as roller coasters that can be enjoyed at the outdoor amusement park. The view of the Akikawa Hills from the ferris wheel is outstanding.
    Day-use campgrounds can be used for barbecuing, and there are lodges to stay in.

There are many other sightseeing spots and attractions.
Please visit the websites of the Hinode Tourism Association and Hinode Tokyo.